Naturism & Wellness




Lührmann Garden / Park

Garden with little pond

Feel free!

Enjoy a new freedom, far away from everyday cares. With a tremendous view to the Dachstein in the north and Tauern mountains to the south, you will find it impossible not to relax.
Take a deep breath of mountain air and let tran quillity take hold.
In winter you can go straight from the sauna into the crisp white snow! Wonderful, try it!




Garden / Park


We love naturism, we like to feel the sun and the snow on our skin! We love the free feeling of being naked.
Naturism is however limited to the pool and wellness area, the garden (park) and the sunterrace.

Summer: swimming pool, wellness area, garden/park, sunterrace
Winter: swimming pool, wellness-area / special clothes optional times for friends of swimsuits
Elsewhere in the hotel please be dressed!



Our Partner:

Euronature / Sprang-Capelle / Netherlands